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Founded in 2000, System Technik Limited is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. With global offices in Tel Aviv, Israel along with our new Asia Pacific head office in Hong Kong. System Technik has led the way for some industry innovations. We are specializing in PCB design services, domestic and industrial power batteries, smart technologies and data storage media production on six continents.


Over the past decades, we mainly focus on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) services and business development. Our company aimed at projects development together with manufacturing services in the electronics field. We have built up a good relationship between vendors of various electronic components suppliers. Through these channels, we always get the first-hand information and professional advice for the industry and market trends. Those elements are vital to assist our customers to have better plans for their product development and ensure the production is on the right track.


For the data storage media products such as flash memory cards and USB flash drive, we offer competitive price to our official channel distributors and OEM partners. Our upcoming product portfolio would be to announce our own brand on Power Bank, memory cards, USB drives, SSD, wireless device, etc, targeting at retail network expansion, as well as online shopping service on six continents.


Smart-series would be our upcoming project bringing for our customers. Our smart technologies, not solely limited to smartphones and tablets, designed with integration of a variety of smart devices onto one centralized panel platform, have made our lives to be much more convenient and “smarter”.


Designed for sustained performance with high reliability, we aim at providing various channels for our valued customers. Simple is perfect is our company core competency, and we will strive our excellence to provide the best products and services ever.


System Technik is dedicated to becoming the industry leader of flash memory card, wireless storage, power batteries and smart technologies by delivering outstanding performance.


System Technik continues to pursue global world class standard in batteries and flash memory industries.


People: Teamwork is highly advocated for us

Excellence: We will stretch ourselves to be perfect

Action: We deliver our unique business values to our customers

Knowledge: Inspired by our technicians and engineers to ever produce innovative products

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