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[Bluetooth] Is it the truth that bluetooth distance is 10m which is described in you instruction book?

Yes,we tested bluetooth distance of every items and we are sure that the distance is up to 10m under no obstacle condition.

[Bluetooth] Why is Bluetooth device unable to pair with my mobile device?

1. Bluetooth Version
Your Bluetooth version might not be compatible with the product’s Bluetooth version. Update the Bluetooth version and try pairing again.

2. Not fully charged
Bluetooth device may be low on battery and needs to be fully charged.

3. Pair with others
Bluetooth device may have already been paired with another mobile device. Un-pair the devices first then re-pair the devices again.

[Power Banks] Can I use the included cable to charge my devices?

Yes, you can. The included cable is a standard USB to Micro-USB cable which is compatible with many other devices such as phones, cameras, tablets etc.

[Power Banks] Can I charge my Apple iOS device with the Powerbank?

Yes, no problem. Simply use your existing lightning cable or 30-Pin cable to connect your iOS device to the Powerbank.

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