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Cell phone battery life is always a major issue for many mobile users. Most power banks are bulky, unattractive and just do not have enough juice to be useful. These are just some of the everyday challenges encountered by our modern power hungry society looking for good mobile battery packs.

Minimalist Design

Designed to be ultra-compact and ultra-slim design, it is easy to fit it in your pocket or handbag.

With the 10,000mAh power sandwiched between a sleek, smooth, scratch-resistant metal casing and matte non-slip polycarbonate, the Pouch is well protected from its surroundings and built to survive everyday use.

Also included in the package is a handy carrying pouch with enough space to hold Pouch and cables.

Charge 2 Devices Simultaneously

Integrated with one 5V-1A and one 5V-2A USB output port, the Pouch can fast-charge two devices at the same time. You can share the joy of charging by bringing only one external battery on-the-go. Also, it is integrated with a 5V-2A input Micro USB port which means that you can fully charge your power bank within a short period of time.

LED Power Indication

The Pouch is equipped with innovative LED light power indication with 3 colors mode to monitor and preserve the battery of your device for long with overcharge prevention.

  • Green Color: 75%-100%
  • Blue Color: 40-75%
  • Red Color: 105-40%
  • Flashing Red Color: 0-10%
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