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USB Swivel OTG
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Unleash the potential of your USB 2.0 system! The OTG Swivel USB Flash Driver features the latest technology for USB Flash drives, making it ideal for early adopters who want to take advantage of all the performance improvements offered by USB 2.0 right away.

The Swivel OTG or “On-the-Go” drive allows USB devices such as digital audio players or mobile phones to act as a host, allowing other USB devices like a USB flash drive, digital camera, mouse, or keyboard to be attached to them.  This means you can move your files easily from your phone to your PC securely without access to the internet.

  • Easily move secure files from device to PC without internet connection
  • Upload and download MP3s, movies, and other media with ease
  • Features: Swivel Type
  • USB flash stick memory: it can be directly connected to a PCs as a regular USB flash stick
  • Smartphone USB flash stick: smartphone USB flash stick can connect to Android smartphone and tablet PCs as a memory expansion of the mobile phone and tablet PC
  • No need for driver: the contents of the mobile phone can be copied through the U disk and then connected to the computer, no need for the installation of mobile butler and other related driver
  • File management: support file and folder creation, delete, copy, paste, open, video play in the USB stick through the smart phone
  • Bilateral transmission: data can be copied in to mobile phone through the mobile phone stick and supporting data files via through a third party APP commissioning
  • High-compatibility: compatible with systems, Linux system, Microsoft’s Windows systems, Google’s Android system for reading and writing, support plug-and-play function for OTG function peripherals
  • Standard Interface: International standard USB2.0 interface, transferring rate up to 480MB/second (theoretical value)
  • Original chip: original A-class flash chip, the data transmission is more stable, high-speed
  • This product of mobile USB stick function only support smartphone with function of OTG interface
  • Dimension: 71x19x10mm
  • Net Weight: 11g
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